Best Light Up Shoes for Kids

I remember when light up shoes first became a thing. Well, I can’t be certain when the absolute first version came into existence, but I do remember when kids started to wear them at school. I know that they were quite a big deal for awhile, and then they kind of went out of style. But I think that they have become a big deal again, to some extent, and I know that my son really wants to have a pair of them.

So I have been trying to search online to try to find what would be the best kind of such shoes to buy for him. I have found quite a few options so far, and that is kind of making it harder for me to make a decision. But at the same time, it is kind of a good thing to have options. I think that is definitely true.

I was planning on surprising him with the shoes, but if there are going to be so many options, then I guess that I need to try to see what he wants, and that might require that I let him pick the shoes out. Obviously, that would ruin the surprise. But it would be a lot better than picking them for him, and then having him not like them. Well, I am not sure if I could pick out ones that he wouldn’t like, but it seems likely that he would like the ones that he picked out the best, and so I am kind of conflicted. I am going to talk to my husband about it, and see what he thinks on the matter. Maybe we can make the decision together as to what to do. I did just find a pair that I think he would really like.

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