Good Source for All Things Tattoo

My Dad about blew a gasket when I told him I wanted to get sleeve tattoos. I have always been his little girl, I suppose, but now I’m twenty and it’s time to put some ink on this body! I actually wanted to do it when I turned eighteen, but a friend talked me out of it even though they had plenty of them. He said I should wait a few years and try to get my future lined up before getting inked. He mentioned I might have trouble finding a job or getting into a good school with visible tattoos.

He was probably right, but I am planning on moving to New York to go into the music business and having a tattoo is practically required in that trade. So I wasn’t worried about anything expect finding the right artist to do the job. Dad, after spending a lot of time trying to talk me out of it by yelling at me, demanded that I at least go online and look up everything about tattoos. He kept talking about the health risk of getting one, which I thought wouldn’t be an issue, but I did promise to look into it further.

I found a site that is like a virtual clearinghouse of all things tattoo. It talks about the different types, the ink, the ideas you can find for a sleeve (very helpful!), and even about getting one removed. I’m not planning on ever doing that, but it was pretty informative and I’m glad I learned about it. They even have videos and an article about how to find the right tattoo artist. Now that was handy! Thanks, Dad! Seriously though, it’s worth visiting the sight if you’re considering one or thinking about getting one. Being informed is always smart.

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