We Love That Our Child is Learning Financial Skills for the Future

My little girl often comes home from school and talks to me about her day. It’s so interesting to hear all about the things that young people find so imortant. Last week she was talking about how the kids like to talk about politics because they hear their parents talk about it, and this week she’s talking about light up shoes and how all the other kids got some for Christmas. Kids are smarter than you think they are. They are into so many diverse things. They may move on to different topics often, but they are paying attention and learning as they go.

My daughter often talks about different things that she would like to have. So, her father and I have taken advantage of that in order to teach her how to save and spend her money wisely. She does chores around the house, and we give her a certain amount of money for each chore she completes. When I was young, my parents gave me a set amount of money each week, and then they had to beg me to get all my chores done. The way we do it in our house works out better because she can see how little or how much money she has and that she will not receive more unless she puts in the work for it.

She’s really got her heart set on light up shoes. So, she has been saving for them for a few weeks. She did such a good job that we decided to help her out and offer her an extra $10 for them. When she mentioned that she had not earned that money, we told her that she had earned it. She earned it by being such a good kid, and we simple wanted to help her to get something she wants more quickly.

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